Pandit Strategic Consulting (PSC) is a full service political fundraising strategy and business development firm. PSC works with a diverse group of clients including: Members of Congress, candidates for federal and state-wide office, PAC's, companies, campaign committees, associations, donors and start-ups.

PSC has a proven track record of success in meeting our clients financial goals and strives for excellence every step of the way.

Bhavna Pandit, Managing Partner

Bhavna Pandit is the Managing Partner of Pandit Strategic Consulting (PSC). In this role she oversees the Washington, DC and national fundraising strategy for Democratic Members of Congress, candidates running for office, and Political Action Committees (PAC's). Pandit is responsible for building relationships with PAC’s as well as donors across the country for Congressional clients and is a liaison between Members of Congress and the business community in Washington, DC. PSC advises individuals and companies on political and business strategy, focusing on strategic partnerships and political outreach.

Prior to establishing PSC, Pandit was the Democratic Political Director for the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), one of the largest Trade Associations in Washington DC and among one of the top ten PAC's in the nation. At NAHB, Pandit supervised all PAC fundraising activities, initiatives and events. In addition, she was the liaison between NAHB and various Democratic committees, groups and Members of Congress.

Prior to joining NAHB, Pandit was a Deputy Finance Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), under the leadership of former House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt. She planned and executed national fundraising events and worked closely with Members of Congress and donors to raise funds directly for the DCCC. Pandit is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, where she worked on numerous campaigns around the state, and is a graduate of Louisiana State University.


PAC/National Fundraising - PSC works with Members of Congress and political candidates on fundraising and meetings with the Political Action Committee (PAC), labor and lobbyist community in Washington DC. PSC has established relationships with donor communities across the country and we work with our clients to identify potential donors based on the clients background and needs. This includes event planning, cultivating lists and donor research.

Donor advising - PSC works with donors to help form a plan of action for their political goals. Donors often do not have the time to devote to navigate the waters of all the fundraising requests they receive so PSC works with donors to advise in that process.

PAC Development - PSC has a successful track record of raising money for corporate and association PAC's. PSC can work with a broad range of PAC's from helping to start a newly formed PAC to advising a well established PAC on how to increase their coffers.

Business Development - PSC works with companies and start-ups on identifying sources of funding and setting up meetings and introductions with potential investors.


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